“Our unique customer-centric culture coupled with strong operational excellence and superior technology play pivotal roles in our success.”

True End-to-End Default Title

Our end-to-end solutions support lenders, servicers, real estate agents, and foreclosure attorneys throughout the different stages of the foreclosure process.  We understand you are held accountable for actions of third-party providers.  That’s why our client-centric processes are customized to your exact specifications.  Flexibility is a key factor in our partnership, from our technology platform to our operational structure, we customize your process, reporting, and communications to meet your protocols.

Plus, client-dedicated teams with single-point-of-contact are trained on your protocols, eliminating the need to manage multiple vendors.

Property Report Services

Our current owner search report can be ordered at any stage of the loan modification or loss mitigation process. The property report includes vesting information, county property tax status, open voluntary/involuntary liens, associated documents to open security lien, and complete legal description. Customizable grading available.

Pre-Foreclosure Title & Trustee Sale Guarantee (TSG)

Our Pre-Foreclosure Title Services are tailored to the needs of trustees, title agents, attorneys, lenders and servicers and are designed to reduce the timeframe and costs for foreclosure processing. Reports provide important property data to execute a valid foreclosure and are available in multiple formats. Our relationship with multiple underwriters helps resolve the most complex curative scenarios, plus we provide full recording services. Immediate beneficiary check returned within hours of initial order.

Title Grading & Curative

We provide a complete and comprehensive review of each title report according to specific set of grading requirements. These grading requirements can be standard or customized based clients preferences. A standard review is inclusive of insurability and ability to record, and offers multiple ways to assist in resolving any title issues found.

Loan Modification Insurance

We offer a comprehensive solution for loan modification transactions that are accepted by GSEs and other investors. The ALTA Mortgage Modification Policy (MMP) is specifically designed to meet servicer requirements for loan modifications.

Deed-In-Lieu & Short Sales

From initial title and curative efforts, through document preparation and execution, your dedicated Loss Mitigation specialist offers fulfillment expertise and helps streamline the process. Our experts work closely with all parties involved and follow your communications protocols and standards. Our services include: Property Reports, ALTA Policies, Title Curative, Document Preparation, Mobile Notary and Recordings.


Our dedicated valuations division, Valuation Connect, provides a full range of traditional, hybrid and customizable products to help improve operational performance and meet compliance standards. Our technology leverages an intelligent appraiser selection algorithm based on experience, previous performance and loan type resulting in high quality and accurate reports in record speed for more than 50 key markets.