Title Toolbox: Boundless Real Estate Resources

Title Toolbox is a revolutionary data application, provided by Title Connect, that enhances the various ways property data can be delivered to you as an Agent or Lender.

Title Toolbox is the only application that provides property data in live format, which is far more advanced than receiving data in an Excel spreadsheet. Live property data allows for automatic property updates and change alerts within your farms and provides the ability to share data between you and your data provider.  Just pinpoint the best farming areas or allow your data provider to do the work for you and share the data directly into your Title Toolbox Account.

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Premier, Real-Time Data of Life Events

Title Toolbox helps identify homes in any area that have possible reasons to sell. This helps users create target lists based upon divorce, death, default, or other “life events” that may lead to property sale.  You may also upgrade to receive additional mortgage or valuation information to support your marketing efforts.

Features Include:

  • Real-Time Nationwide Property Data
    • Optimal Farming Areas by Turnover Rate
    • Farms and Lists are Constantly Updated and Accessible 24/7
  • Receive Email Alerts on Your Farms – Changes, Sales, and Turnover Rates
  • Obtain Property Data on Any Property in your Farm – Profiles, Aerial/Street Maps, Net Sheets, and More
  • Have Farms Created and Shared to Your Account

Analyze Any Farm Area for 12 Month Turnover Rate, 5-Year Sales Trends, Non-Owner Occupancy Rate, etc.